Optimo  0.1.0
A C++ header library for optimization
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Class Hierarchy
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oCoptimo::ConstraintFunctor< Scalar, n >Inequality constraints functor
|\Coptimo::VoidConstraintFunctor< Scalar, n >Dummy constraint functor for unconstrained problems
oCoptimo::ConstraintFunctorLS< Scalar >Inequality constraints functor
|\Coptimo::VoidConstraintFunctorLS< Scalar >Dummy constraint functor for unconstrained problems
oCoptimo::Constraints< Scalar, m, n >Constraints object
|\Coptimo::NoConstraints< Scalar, m, n >Helper object for unconstrained problem
oCoptimo::ConstraintsLS< Scalar >Inequality constraints functor
|\Coptimo::NoConstraintsLS< Scalar >Helper object for unconstrained problem
oCoptimo::GradientFunctor< Scalar, n >Gradient functor
|\Coptimo::SecantGradientFunctor< Scalar, n >Numerical Gradient Computation using the Secant Method
oCoptimo::GradientFunctorLS< Scalar >Gradient functor
|\Coptimo::SecantGradientFunctorLS< Scalar >Numerical Gradient Computation using the Secant Method
oCoptimo::HessianFunctor< Scalar, n >Dense Hessian functor
|\Coptimo::NumericalHessian< Scalar, n >Numerical Hessian computation
oCoptimo::HessianFunctorLS< Scalar >Dense Hessian functor
oCoptimo::ObjectiveFunctor< Scalar, n >Objective functor
oCoptimo::ObjectiveFunctorLS< Scalar >Objective functor
oCoptimo::solvers::Solver< Scalar >::OptionsVarious parameters for line search and tolerances
oCoptimo::solvers::SparsePrimalDualLP< Scalar >::ParamsSparse LP params
oCoptimo::solvers::SparsePrimalDualQP< Scalar >::ParamsQP parameters defining the problem
oCoptimo::solvers::PrimalDualLP< Scalar, n, m, p >::ParamsLinear Program (LP) Parameters defining the problem
oCoptimo::solvers::PrimalDualQP< Scalar, n, m, p >::ParamsQP parameters defining the problem
oCoptimo::Problem< Scalar, m, n >Class defining a convex Problem
oCoptimo::ProblemLS< Scalar >Class defining a convex Problem
\Coptimo::solvers::Solver< Scalar >Abstract class for a Solver algorithm
 oCoptimo::solvers::BFGS< Scalar >Implements the Broyden–Fletcher–Goldfarb–Shanno algorithm
 oCoptimo::solvers::GradientDescent< Scalar, m, n >Standard Gradient Descent method
 oCoptimo::solvers::GradientDescentLS< Scalar >Standard Gradient Descent method
 oCoptimo::solvers::Newton< Scalar, m, n >Implements Newton's algorithm
 oCoptimo::solvers::PrimalDualLP< Scalar, n, m, p >Solves a constrained linear program (LP)
 oCoptimo::solvers::PrimalDualQP< Scalar, n, m, p >Solves a constrained quadratic program (QP)
 oCoptimo::solvers::SparsePrimalDualLP< Scalar >Solves a constrained linear program (LP)
 \Coptimo::solvers::SparsePrimalDualQP< Scalar >Solves a constrained quadratic program (QP)