Optimo  0.1.0
A C++ header library for optimization
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optimo::solvers::Solver< Scalar > Class Template Reference

Abstract class for a Solver algorithm. More...

#include <solver.h>

Inheritance diagram for optimo::solvers::Solver< Scalar >:
optimo::solvers::BFGS< Scalar > optimo::solvers::GradientDescent< Scalar, m, n > optimo::solvers::GradientDescentLS< Scalar > optimo::solvers::Newton< Scalar, m, n > optimo::solvers::PrimalDualLP< Scalar, n, m, p > optimo::solvers::PrimalDualQP< Scalar, n, m, p > optimo::solvers::SparsePrimalDualLP< Scalar > optimo::solvers::SparsePrimalDualQP< Scalar >


struct  Options
 Various parameters for line search and tolerances. More...

Public Attributes

 Solver parameters.

Detailed Description

template<typename Scalar>
class optimo::solvers::Solver< Scalar >

Abstract class for a Solver algorithm.

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